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 1) Protected against heavy rain and dust (IP55 rated).
2) Can be used outdoors and indoors.
3) Perfect for patios, garages, bathrooms, at the office,
    living rooms and elsewhere.
4) Automatic oscillating feature for better heat distribution.
5) Convenient timer function. 
6) Very Low Operating Costs.
7) Safe and environmentally respectful with no carbon
    monoxide emissions.
8) 5000 hour long life expectancy carbon filament lamp
9) Automatic shut off when tilted.
10)Lightweight, easy to carry or change locations.
11)Dual power 450-900 watts.
12)Uses standard household 110 volt, 60Hz electrical supply.
Voltage:220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Watt: 900W
Product size ( cm):32X30X85
Box size(cm):18.2X22.5X86
1x 20:776
1x 40GP:1600
1x 40HQ:1758
N.W (KGS):2.85